Carton Board Packaging

Carton board packaging or, simply put, ‘printed cartons’ are a brilliantly customisable, sustainable and practical packaging solution.

Eliminating plastic from the packaging chain is a key focus for all packaging suppliers, and cartons give us the opportunity for almost unlimited customisation without costing the earth.

HH Deluxe Packaging are Carton Board Packaging Printers

We design and print folding cartons for a wide range of clients, from small start up companies to global brands.

Minimum Order Quantities start at 30,000 units and are produced either by HUNG HING Printing, at our Far Eastern production facilities, or here in the UK by our trusted print partners if a quicker turnaround is required.

Carton Board Packaging

The Three Main Types of Boxes


Also known simply as cartons, cartonboard, paperboard cartons and paperboard boxes. These are the kind of boxes that you see in most shops. They are lightweight, highly customisable and extremely popular.

Cartons are made from printed carton board or boxboard, in a range of thicknesses (microns). The board is cut to shape with a cutting form, creased, folded and glued along one edge to created a flat carton which is then ready for packing.

Rigid Boxes

Normally used for premium and luxury products, rigid boxes are sturdy and can be supplied as two part boxes, otherwise know as lid and base boxes. These can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes with different closures, which makes them perfect for presentations, gift boxes, jewellery boxes and promotions.

This type of box is made by wrapping a printed paper around a stiff rigid board. All sorts or printing techniques and finishing touches can be added to the wrapping paper to add a touch of class to your product.

Corrugated Boxes

As well as being used for general packing and transportation, corrugated boxes can be customised for display, retail and other forms of primary packaging. They are made of a central 'fluted' or wavy layer of card lined on one or both sides to give a smooth surface for printing and customisation.

Different grades of fluting relate to the size and number of waves, e.g. E-Flute / C-Flute etc. Typically the larger flute sizes (A-Flute) have more cushioning properties, while smaller flute sizes (E-Flute) offer a flatter finished surface.

Packaging Designed for Manufacture

Our packaging designers will work closely with you and listen carefully to your brief, helping you choose the right materials and achieving a look and feel for your packaging that you and your clients will love. This focus helps to ensure you have the most cost-effective solutions and that your design is fit for production, right from the start.  We call it design for manufacture.

Latest technology & finishing techniques

Whether you require detailed foiling, embossing, debossing, spot UV, laser cutting, lamination, varnishes or metallics, our packaging design service will guide you on the right choices to suit your needs and budget.

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